How to Add the Copyright Symbol to Your Web Page

Using HTML, Dreamweaver, Nvu or KompoZer

How to Add the Copyright Symbol to Your Web Page

by Christopher Heng,

Following my article on Is It Legal to Use Any Piece of Music, Image, or Article for my Website? And Other Questions on Copyright Relevant to Webmasters, I received a number of queries about how one can go about inserting the copyright symbol, ©, into a web page. This article briefly describes the procedure.

Since the method varies according to the web editor you're using, use the following links to skip ahead to the relevant section in this article. It's not necessary to read the other sections as the information in each section is presented independently of the others.

It is important that you do not insert the symbol by copying and pasting the symbol from another document having that symbol. Similarly, if you're using Windows, do not open your Character Map program, search for the symbol and insert it from there. Doing such things may cause a platform-dependent character to be inserted into your web page. If your visitors read the page on a different system, they may not be able to see that character. Since your page will appear okay to you on your system, you may never know that a problem exists.

(This is related to the font issues mentioned in my article on Which Font Should I Use for My Web Page? Tips on Choosing Fonts for Your Website.)

How to Add the Copyright Symbol in a Platform Independent Manner Using HTML

The best way to add the copyright symbol to a web page is to use an HTML character entity reference. Simply use "©" (without the quotes) where you want the copyright symbol, ©.

(For the curious, you can find out more about HTML character entity references in the main HTML tutorial dealing with text.)

How to Add the Copyright Symbol in Dreamweaver

As mentioned in my beginner's tutorial on Dreamweaver, you can insert the copyright symbol, ©, by selecting "Insert | HTML | Special Characters | Copyright" from the menu. That is, click the "Insert" menu. In the menu that pops out, click the "HTML" item, followed by the "Special Characters" item in the submenu that appears. Finally, click the "Copyright" item on the new submenu that is displayed.

The symbol will be inserted at the current cursor location in your document. Be sure to move your cursor to the place you want the symbol to appear before you click the menu.

How to Add the Copyright Symbol in Nvu or KompoZer

To insert the copyright symbol, ©, into your web page, do the following:

  1. Move your cursor to the place on your web page where you want the symbol to appear.

  2. Select "Insert | Characters and Symbols" from the menu. That is, click the "Insert" menu, and then select the "Characters and Symbols" item on the menu that appears.

  3. Select the "Common Symbols" radio box in the dialog box that appears, if it is not already selected. Click the down arrow for the box labelled "Character:". A drop down box will appear, allowing you to select ©.

  4. Once you've selected the character you want, click the "Insert" button. Finally, click the "Close" button.

Copyright © 2008 by Christopher Heng. All rights reserved.
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