What Banks Need to Know Before Getting a New Domain Name

Domain Name Interview in the ABA Bank Marketing Magazine

What Banks Need to Know Before Getting a New Domain Name

by Christopher Heng, thesitewizard.com
Date written: 30 March 2012.

I was interviewed by Walt Albro of the ABA Bank Marketing Magazine (where ABA stands for American Bankers Association) some time in October 2011 on what banks need to know when they get a new domain name, such as they might do after a merger with another bank.

An edited version of the interview was published in the magazine in December 2011. It is also available online as a PDF file on the ABA Bank Marketing Magazine's past issues page. Just look for "December 2011" section and click the link that says "Building an Upgraded Internet Domain Name".

I know it's been at least 3 months since the magazine was published, but I completely forgot about it till now. However, since the interview is online, you can still read it if you're interested. Before you go and look at it, I should probably mention that the focus of the interview is extremely specific, namely, about banks getting a new domain name, so if you're not running a bank, the information there is probably not going to be very useful to you. For the non-bank webmaster, you may find my other articles on choosing a domain name more relevant:

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