Why Can't I Copy and Paste the Code Examples in thesitewizard.com?

Explanation of the IE 6 Bug that Prevents Copying and Pasting from the Articles

Why Can't I Copy and Paste the Code Examples in thesitewizard.com?

If you are having trouble selecting text from the code examples in the articles on thesitewizard.com, it probably means that you are using Internet Explorer 6 ("IE6"). IE6 has a bug that prevents its users from being able to select text under certain circumstances.

The solution is simple: either use a later version of Internet Explorer (eg, IE 11) or a different browser like Firefox or Chrome. As a web designer (or a potential web designer), you will need to have them anyway for cross-browser testing. And it's not like you have to pay any money to get and use them. They're all free. (In point of fact, even using IE 5.5 and IE 5 will solve the problem. That is, the bug is specific to IE 6 and no other version or browser.)

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Why Can't I Copy and Paste the Code Examples in thesitewizard.com?

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