How to Embed a Video in Drupal

Tips on how to insert a video into a post or article

How to Embed a Video in Drupal

by Christopher Heng,

If you have ever copied the embed code for a video, such as those provided by YouTube, and tried to paste it into your Drupal post, you may have found that your video does not even show up in your post. This article describes how you can correctly insert a video from a video sharing site into a Drupal article or post.

Steps to Inserting a Video in Drupal

  1. Get the embed code

    The first step is of course to upload your video to a video sharing site, and get the embed code that they supply to you. The embed code typically looks something like this:

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    For the curious, the above code comes from's feedback form script How-To video. You can find the code to embed a video by clicking the button labelled "Share" on the YouTube video page. The other video sharing sites also provide easy-to-use cut and paste code for your videos.

  2. Posting in Drupal

    Log into your Drupal account, go to your "Create content" section, followed by "Blog entry" or whatever entry type that you are using. Give your post appropriate titles and content. It's best to say something, even if it's very brief, about what the video is about in the main body. The importance of this is explained in my article on creating search engine friendly websites at

    Hit the ENTER (or RETURN) key a couple of times after your paragraph. Paste the embed code.

  3. Setting the Input Format

    Under the post box is a link called "Input format". Click it to expand the section. By default, the "Filtered HTML" button is enabled. This option only allows a limited set of HTML code to be used in your Post box. Since the embed code is not in the list of allowed HTML code, Drupal will filter your code when it displays your post, resulting in your video not appearing when your article is viewed.

    Select the "Full HTML" radio box instead.

  4. Submit the Post

    When you've finished with your post and the post settings, click the Submit button. Your video should now appear correctly in your Drupal blog.

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