How to Add Google AdSense Advertisements to Your Website with KompoZer

6 Easy Steps to Earning from Your Site

How to Add Google AdSense Advertisements to Your Website with KompoZer

by Christopher Heng,

This tutorial shows you how you can add Google advertisements (officially known as Google AdSense) to your website using the free web editor KompoZer.


Step-by-Step Guide to Inserting Google Ads

  1. Click "AdSense Setup" in your Google AdSense account. In the page that loads, click "AdSense for Content". From there, you will be led through a series of steps to choose the type of advertisement and customise its size and colours. These options allow you to modify the appearance of the advert so that it blends nicely into your site's design.

    When you have finished customizing, click "Submit and Get Code". AdSense will then give you some HTML code to cut and paste into your web page. Click anywhere inside the box containing the code. The code will be automatically selected. Click your right mouse button and select "Copy" from the menu that appears. This puts the code into your clipboard, so that you can paste into your website in KompoZer.

  2. Run KompoZer if you have not already done so. Open the web page where you want to insert the advertisement.

    Choose a place on your page where the ad is to be inserted. Google does not restrict you on the placement of the ad, so you can put it anywhere you like. Some common places where ads are placed include the top, bottom and side panel of a web page. In general, adverts placed in prominent places (such as those embedded in the middle of an article) tend to attract more attention, and thus earn better.

    I should warn you, however, that "in your face" advertisements, where the adverts have placements that force your visitors to look at them, are also very irritating to many people. For this reason, even though they get better results, I don't use them on You should also weigh the benefits of increased income against the cost of aggravating your visitors when deciding. As a matter of personal pride, I prefer to give my readers a pleasant learning environment rather than bombarding them with ads, but it all depends on your priorities/goals.

    Another thing to watch out for is that Google limits the number of AdSense "units" you can place on a page. Read the Terms of Service for the exact number. Regardless of the number though, it's best not to load your page with too many ad units. If there are too many, your website may look cheap, even if your content is actually of very high quality. (There is no hard and fast rule here. Just check your web page in your browser when you've finished, and try to be impartial when judging your own page.)

  3. Once you have decided on the ad placement, click the spot on the page where the advertisement is to be shown. The blinking text cursor should appear in that spot. Next, click the "Insert" menu followed by the "HTML..." item on the menu that appears.

  4. In the dialog box that is shown, paste the code you copied from Google into the empty space. This can be done by clicking the right mouse button somewhere in the space and selecting "Paste" from the menu that pops up. Your AdSense code will appear in the box. Click the "Insert" button to dismiss the dialog box.

  5. KompoZer does not actually display the advertisement, but indicates you that you have successfully inserted the code by showing one or more yellow "Script" tags in the location where the ad will appear in your real website.

    If you want to insert more than one ad unit into your page, repeat the procedure I provided above. Once you've finished, publish the web page to your site in your usual way.

  6. After your page has been published (uploaded), you will need to test it. Start your web browser and surf to the page on your website. Important: in order to see your advertisement, you need to be checking your "live" page on your website, and not the local copy on your own computer.

    If the ad does not appear at first, wait a while and then reload the page and the advertisements should appear. The slowness of the advertisement to show up on your website is generally a one-time thing. The first time Google encounters a new page, it sends its "bot" (computer program) to retrieve a copy of that page. From that copy, it tries to determine what your web page is about, so that it can deliver advertisements that may be relevant to people seeing such content.


That's it. Congratulations. As you can see, it was an easy matter to add Google advertisements to your site using KompoZer.

Copyright © 2008-2017 by Christopher Heng. All rights reserved.
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