How to Create a Bulleted List (Unordered List) for Your Website in Dreamweaver

Inserting Bullet Points into Your Web Page

How to Create a Bulleted List (Unordered List) for Your Website in Dreamweaver

by Christopher Heng,

I was recently asked by a visitor how he could create a bulleted list, that is, a list of items that has bullet points (or black dots) on the left side, using the Dreamweaver web editor. This type of list, officially called an "unordered list" because the items on that list don't have a particular order (as a numbered list might have), is useful when you want to put a list of loosely related things on your web page. This article describes the procedure.


For those who are not sure what an unordered or bulleted list looks like, you may be interested to know that the above list of prerequisites was written as an unordered list. The "bullet points" are the dots that appear before each of the items above. Another example of a list of prerequisites can be found in the list of "Related Pages" and "New Pages" near the bottom of all the article pages on, including this one.

How to Insert an Unordered List (Bullet-Point List) into Your Web Page

  1. Start Dreamweaver and open the web page where you want to insert the unordered list. Place your text cursor in the location where the list should appear. You can do this by clicking your mouse on that spot.

  2. Click the "Format | List | Unordered List" menu item. That is, click the "Format" word on the main menu bar, then when a drop down menu appears, click the "List" line, followed by the "Unordered List" in the submenu that appears.

  3. A bullet point, a round black dot, will appear, and you can type your first item of the list. When you hit the ENTER key (or RETURN key on the Mac), the next bullet point will appear, ready for you to enter the next item. If you have no more items to add, simply hit the ENTER key (or RETURN key) a second time, without typing anything. Dreamweaver will realise that you have not entered anything for the last item and remove the bullet point, effectively ending your list.

That's it. It's an easy procedure because support for such lists is built into Dreamweaver, so no arcane sequence of steps is needed to create them.

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