How to Add an Automatically Numbered List to Your Website with Expression Web

Insert a list that automatically renumbers when you insert a new item

How to Add an Automatically Numbered List to Your Website with Expression Web

by Christopher Heng,

There are times when you need to add a numbered list to your web pages in Expression Web. While it's possible to manually number the items yourself, there's a better way using a built-in HTML facility.

With this facility, not only will your items be numbered without you having to manually insert the digits, they will also be automatically renumbered whenever you add new items to the beginning or middle of an existing list.


This article assumes that you have already built a website, and know how to use Expression Web to maintain it. If not, please begin with the guides that I linked to in the previous sentence.

How to Add a Numbered List

(Incidentally, the steps below also use a numbered list.)

  1. Start up Expression Web and open your web page.

  2. Place the text cursor at the spot on the page where the list is to appear. You can do this by clicking your mouse at that location.

  3. Click "Format | Bullets and Numbering..." from the menu. That is, click "Format" on the menu bar, followed by the "Bullets and Numbering..." item in the drop-down menu that appears.

    A dialog box with the title "Bullets and Numbering" will appear.

  4. Click the "Numbers" tab near the top of the dialog box.

  5. Choose the type of numbering you want. You are given a choice of normal numbers ("1", "2", "3", etc), Roman numerals ("I", "II", "III", etc or "i", "ii", "iii", etc), or the letters of the English alphabet ("A", "B", "C", etc, or "a", "b", "c", etc).

    You can also choose to start the numbers at the beginning (eg, "1" for normal numbers) or some other number.

  6. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the dialog box when you are done.

  7. The editor will immediately display the first number in the sequence and put your text cursor next to it so that you can type your content. When you want to move to the item, hit the ENTER key.

  8. To terminate the numbered list, just hit ENTER again. That is, if your cursor is currently at the final item on your list, and you type the ENTER key, Expression Web will create a new blank item. Just hit ENTER on this blank item and the editor will remove it and deposit you in a new paragraph below. You can then remove that blank new paragraph by hitting the Backspace key.

If you want to insert a new item somewhere in the middle of the list, just click to put your text cursor on the preceding item and hit ENTER. Expression Web will create a new blank item for your to modify and renumber the list accordingly.

Alternative Method

Another way to get a numbered list is to click the "Numbering" icon (or button) from the toolbar at the top of the Expression Web window (see picture below).

Toolbar with arrow pointing to the numbered list button

Doing so will immediately insert a new numbered list at the location of your text cursor. However, by default (unless you deliberately change your defaults by modifying your CSS file), this list will use the standard numbers ("1", "2", "3") beginning with "1". For the other numbering systems, use the method given earlier.

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