How to Insert Raw HTML Code in Dreamweaver

Guide to inserting cut-and-paste HTML code into your web page

How to Insert Raw HTML Code in Dreamweaver

by Christopher Heng,

From time to time, you may find that you need to insert a snippet of raw HTML code into your web page. For example, you may have come across some cut-and-paste code from a site, such as that found on's Link To Us page, and want to use it on your site. If you simply paste that in Dreamweaver's default design mode, you may find that your page displays the HTML code instead of the actual text or picture you intended.

This tutorial takes you through the steps of inserting HTML code into your page the correct way. The guide assumes that you already know how to use Dreamweaver to design and publish a website using the WYSIWYG interface, and merely focuses on this specific task. If you need a complete Dreamweaver tutorial, you should check out one of the following instead:

If the code you are inserting is for a YouTube video, you may wish to read How to Insert a YouTube Video into Your Web Page with Dreamweaver instead. It contains additional information specific to that task that is not included here.

Steps to Inserting Cut-and-Paste HTML Code into Your Site

  1. Start up Dreamweaver and open the page that you want to edit.

  2. Switch to your web browser and surf to the page from which you can get the cut-and-paste HTML code. Select the code with your mouse by dragging over all the text, click your right mouse button, and select the "Copy" item from the pop-up menu that appears.

  3. Return to Dreamweaver, and click on the spot where you want to insert the code.

  4. Switch to Dreamweaver's Code view by clicking the "View" menu followed by the "Code" menu item.

  5. Click the "Edit" menu and select the "Paste" item. The code you copied earlier will be inserted at the cursor position.

  6. Click the "View" menu again, followed by the "Design" menu item to return to Design mode. You should be able to see the results of your insertion.

You can now save your page and upload it to your website.

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